Livestock for sale

SHEEP - We are expecting lambs in December 2019. Swiss Valais Blacknose & Valais Blacknose cross. 

We have opened waiting lists for 2020 lambs.

GOATS - We are currently selling cute goat wethers and breeding girls who are cuddly, tame and gorgeous.  They have been used in our animal experience so they are very friendly.  We often have Anglo Nubian, Toggenburg and other mixed breeds.  You must have a CPH number to rehome one.  They are available now...

ALPACAS - we're not selling any alpacas at the moment but we can put you in touch with very good breeders who sell quality girls & boys

Please contact us for more details 01769 520300

Saanen twin boys and two Toggenburg girls (pictured left) will be available from January 2020

We have Valais Blacknose cross lambs for sale.  Valais Blacknose are not like sheep they have the temperament of a pet dog, if you've never met a Valais Blacknose you'll never understand.  

We don't have any pure breed Valais for sale at the moment but we are taking orders for our next lambs.  

Please call us for details 01769 520300

Goats - we regularly have very friendly goats for sale all very friendly as they had been used to being handled daily by our guests.  All our goats are only sold to genuine pet homes.  Here are some new owners choosing their goats!