Hi I'm Dartagnan... I'm the alpha boy.... now let me introduce you to some of my friends here... there are 15 boys at Woolley Animals, no girls yet, (girls make trouble!)

I'm the daddy of the group, the black one, I'm in charge round here.  I'm a big softie though and like to do Elvis impressions.  Pick me if you want to walk at the front, that's what I do best!  I love carrots and dust baths and right now I'm teaching Saturn everything I know!

Love Darty x


Dragon is what they call me!  I am a suri so my beautiful fleece will grow into silky dreadlocks. I'm a little bit stubborn like a camel and I do what I want!  I like goats - they are my kids! My newest charge is baby Saturn, I look after him. I'm a big teddy bear and if you have carrots I'll show you my kissy face..... I'd love you to walk with me, but I like being at the back of the line, that's where you'll be too!

Love Dragon x


Hi I'm Prince, I'm always eating, I do love my grub.  I'm generally a good boy but I get very excited over food, they used to call me Prince Piggy but someone else has that job now! I look a bit like Kimi but don't be fooled I'm much bolder and braver than him.  I like children, couldn't eat a whole one! but they can walk with me because I'm a gentle giant.  I wear the Prince purple headcollar because I too am a star!

Love Prince x


I'm Fererro, I look a bit like the colour of a famous chocolate wrapper?  my mum calls me Roro (she's so embarrassing).  I'm two years old and I'm such a good boy. I'm going to be used for fleece production and maybe even a stud boy!  Mr Woolley says I'm often overlooked but I'm very special

Love Roro x


Hello my name is Teddy Edward, 

I was born in Summer 2016, I should be bigger but I'm the smallest boy here.  I came from an alpaca farm in Ilfracombe just like my mates Fererro and George.  My fleece is very soft, I love cuddles, carrots and selfies.  Don't be fooled by my size (I have a big personality 'little man syndrome!'). Why not come and visit me and my friends sometime?

love Eddie xx


Hi I'm Saturn, I'm just a baby, born July 2017 and I came to Woolley Animals in December 2017. I don't know how to walk yet but I'm learning.  Dragon is my new friend, he takes care of me.  I've finished my training and I'm a very good walker.  I'm tall enough to reach your pocket and when you're not looking I might pinch a few carrots without asking I hope you don't mind? Please pick me.

lots of love Saturn xx


Hi, my name is Gonzo, I'm a real sweetie but my mum says I look like a girl, I do have a cute face and smile a lot!  I love carrots, apples and alpaca food.  I make sweet noises when I'm eating, a bit like Gonzo from the muppets?  My pedigree name is Butterfurlong Antonio but who wants to take 'Tony' for a walk so let's stick with Gonzo.  If you tickle my ears I go all shy and sleepy but only if I like you!  Did you know my half brother Yeti lives here too?

Love Gonzo x


This beautiful boy was Ringo, he was a quiet, timid boy until he got to know you.  Half brother to Kimi who was his best friend.  he loved walking and being with his friends but he also enjoyed being alone. Sometimes he got scared and would hide behind you.  He loved his carrots and was a fantastic lead alpaca, Stuart's friend! 

Sadly Ringo went to alpaca heaven in November 2017, RIP Ringo  x


Hi, I'm Alan.... but you can call me Al...

I'm an apalloosa so have a very attractive spotty fur coat.  Me and my friend Arfar came from a lovely breeder in Liskeard but we've hopped the border to Devon to join the walking team.  We proved that we've got it and now we're star walkers!  So come and see us, we have found a love of carrots AND we take the best selfies!

Love Big Al x


Hi I'm Yeti !

I'm just a big cuddly bear.  When Stuart & Cathy went to collect my friend George they saw me and fell in love so here I am!  I love cuddling and I will even fall asleep tucked in Mr Woolley's coat.  I have beautiful white fleece and I am a little star! 

Love Yeti xx


Hi, I'm Ziggy Stardust

I'm here on holiday, I'm a stud boy but when I'm not working I live here to chill out with my boys and entertain guests.  I'm a suri alpaca so my fleece is soft and silky like dreadlocks, it looks great when I walk along. I'm often running down the hill with my pal Rocky we have lots of fun.  I'm fully trained so you can pick me and we'll make great friends .....

love you guys, Ziggy xx


Hi my name is Barnaby, I'm a tuxedo grey which is an unusual alpaca colour. I used to be a working stud boy but then Irecently retired. I only came to Woolley Animals in July 2017 but the first day I arrived I knew this was the retirement job for me and I went on my first walk.  I get to eat carrots which I'm very fond of and meet lots of new friends. On my first day Dartagnan told me he's the boss, but now we're friends (I think?).

Love from Barnaby x


Kimi here - I'm a bit like my brother Prince but more laid back.  I'm a bit stubborn and not always keen on walking so there is a chance I will sit down and not move!  I like people and can be very cuddly when I want to be, if I like you I will let you tickle my ears.  My fleece is not as soft as the others but my personality is!

Love Kimi x



Hi its me Arfar...

They call me Arfar because I was born premature so I'm only 'half an alpaca', my best friend is Big Al, we came here from Cornwall.  We love it here, I'm a really cuddly boy and I'm proving to be an excellent walker. Sometimes I'm stubborn and sit down and have a rest, its hard work being an alpaca! Why not come and meet me and my friends, 

Love Arfar x


Hello! I'm little George, 

I was born in the Summer of 2016 and I'm growing fast. I've joined the walking team at Woolley Animals, I've learnt to walk well, I love being at the front and I hold my head up high, (now they call me King George I), come and walk and you'll see... 

Love George xx

Trojan Rocket

I'm Trojan Rocket (aka Rocky)

I'm a suri alpaca. Just passing through, sometimes I will be a working stud like my boy Ziggy.  I came here to chill, how cool is that?  

I'm a lovely little fella, but I'm still in training so you can't walk me yet but I will probably walk with you as I'm working on leading the group right now. 

love from Rocket xx