We have 24 gorgeous alpaca boys (and one on the way!) We only keep boys because we don't have enough land to breed and having girls would make the boys too excited for walking! We keep two teams of boys for walking.  

The A Team - they're experienced, steady and know exactly what is expected of them.  It goes without saying they love carrots and walking.

The B team are the babies who are just over a year old - they have big shoes to fill and learning all the time.  Read all about them on their own page!

Here's The A Team .....


This is the lovely black boy Dartagnan, he's the daddy of the group at 8 years old.  He's seen it all before, been walking for most of his life and let's his underlings look after things, he is a sweet natured boy who takes it all in his stride!


This is lovely fawn Suri boy Dragon, don't be fooled by his name he's a lovely natured alpaca but he is huge, 90+kg of muscle that likes to walk at the back of the line.  If you love a bit of character then Dragon is the boy for you! He may even show you his kissy pout.... x


This lovely looking white boy is Gonzo, he's been walking for a long time as he was a trekker at his previous home in West Sussex.  He dresses up as a bride for weddings.  Gonzo is very sweet natured and will smile for you and your camera!


This lovely grey boy is Barnaby.  Look at his beautiful tuxedo black hat, white bib and grey fleece.  He retired from stud duties to come and live here.  He loves to swim in the river when he's not walking (clever boy), everyone loves Barnaby, you will too!



This beautiful chocolate brown boy is Prince. He's handsome and he knows it. He is brave and regal, lives up to his name. He's a great walker, watch out for his party trick which he loves showing to visitors, take him and you'll find out!

Teddy Edward is a sweet little boy and looks like the baby of the group but was born in Summer 2016 so quite the young man (he thinks he's a lot bigger than he is and has a huge character!) we love Edward x


This fancy brown/black and white boy is George.  George takes life very seriously, he will walk upright with his head in the air, very regal, we call him King George or Gorgeous George and he is!


Yeti is a big cuddly snowball, he's twice the size of Edward and George but he is the younger.  Yeti is a big strong boy but he is very sweet and will swap a cuddle for a carrot.  He is Gonzo's half brother, small world?


This sweet brown alpaca is Saturn, he was born in 2017 and is the baby of this group.  The older boys look after him well and he loves going out in the walking group.  Saturn has learnt the ropes fast and is happy to walk with everyone!


These two beauties are not owned by Woolley Animals but they live here on loan. They work as stud boys and have to go to their other home during mating season.  You may get to meet them they are called Suris which means their fleece grows long into dreadlocks.  Ziggy on the left is a lovely white colour (when he's not dripping in mud!) and Trojan Rocket on the right has a lustrous dark chocolate fleece... the boys were shorn in May 2018 so you may struggle to recognise them in their short coats!