Meet our goats.....


The Golden Guernsey goats....  

Violet, Jack and Dec


Auntie Violet


Our lovely Pygmy goats are Alfie, Alvin, Iris and Beau


The special ones have been acquired for various reasons, usually too special to say goodbye to...

Anthony our very special boy, he's a Pygmy Cross Toggenburg so slightly larger than the other pygmies 



Violet on the left is a Golden Guernsey goatling (a one year old goat). She is our breeding female and hopefully she is in kid for 2018






Anthony helping Stuart with the DIY - he likes to pick up nails in his mouth and chew the instructions! - Check out his mischief videos on our facebook page


This is Billy, he's an Anglo Nubian and was part of our bottle feeding team.  He was such a character he stayed, Billy is very loud and says 'No' a lot, check out his yes / no videos on our Facebook page!


Jack Rabbit

Jack rabbit (just look at the ears) our white Golden Guernsey


Little Iris



Goats eat everything and not fussy about the wrapper it comes in either!


Little Dec

Little Dec is a proper Golden Guernsey ( he will be twice the size of Anthony!!)


Beautiful Beau


Ant first came to live with us with his brother Dec, sadly Dec is no longer with us but Anthony more than makes up for mischief!

"Please Mr Troll can we cross the bridge...?"


"Uh oh....! they caught us eating grapes, stand still and don't look up!" "I can't Dec, I'm a bit tied up?"