Woolley Animals loveable rogues are the family dogs.

Lola the English Springer hasn't always been a farm dog she's still learning, her favourite sports are barking at the postman, chasing squirrels and sleeping (a lot)!

On the other hand, Red the collie is a fully working sheepdog, he never sits still, his skills on the sheep are first class and he's always ready to work.

The lovely labrador is Lord Fergus, he snores a lot, his favourite sports are swimming and digging, he can get from house to stream in 4.19 seconds!...we can't keep him out!

Our newest addition is the lovely Holly Woolley, she was born in June 2017 and is a New Zealand Huntaway cattle dog.  She has the very important job of working alongside Red to herd sheep and cattle, (usually by barking at them).  We'll keep you updated on the progress of her training

Our dogs are very much part of our animal experience, book a visit and you'll meet them too...