Gone but not forgotten.......

Everyone gets a chance to live happily here.  Sadly, animals must come and go, sometimes through circumstance and sometimes naturally, we like to remember all the special moments they've given us and there are lots here.....

1st February 2018 - This week we will be saying goodbye to four beautiful Valais Blacknose ewe lambs who have gone to lovely new homes.  Firstly Autumn and Oreo will be off to their new home in West Wales and then their half sisters Bonnie & Juliet will also be going to Wales a few days later!  Good luck girls x

4 month old Autumn ready for her new home

Autumn & Oreo

Clyde & Bonnie

Juliet & Bonnie (4 months old)

30th January 2018 - One Tag and Hairy who have gone to live at Pitt Farm Holiday Cottages, they will be joining another pet goat, pig and alpacas and bringing joy to visiting holiday makers, good luck boys!  

January 2018 - Perry Woolley - born February 2017 and part of the early bottle feeding team.  Perry went off to a new home today to make way for this year's new recruits.  We're glad Perry was able to stay longer than his friends and keep our rams company through the Autumn.  Good luck lad, we'll miss your antics xx

New Year 2018 - How lucky were these guys, Little Pickle and his friend Mango went off to their new home over New Year.  Amanda and her family lost one of their goats and Pickle and Mango will be great company for their other goat.  We won't forget the fun we had with these two, especially Pickle who broke his leg when he was a little kid. Good luck boys !

December 2017 - Nobby (no horns) 

Nobby was part of the bottle feeding team in 2017 and was born naturally polled which means his horns didn't grow.  He has gone to live with very experienced goat owner Val Grainger and her prize winning goat herd in Cornwall.  He is going to be company for her Alpine Billy called Stinky Brian !  Bye bye little Nobby, good luck xx

Ringo Woolley - 2014 to 2017

On 1st November we lost our lovely 3 year old boy Ringo.  Ringo wasn't our cuddliest boy but he was a strong leader at the front of the group and would often take the lead with Stuart.  The night he came into the barn, cuddled us both and then laid down and went to sleep really peacefully we knew he'd had enough.  There were no signs he was ill and the vet said we couldn't have known.  Go bang your drum up there big lad, sleep tight RIP Ringo xx

August 2017 - various home reared lambs

This month we said goodbye to this year's home bred lambs.  We decided to sell the ewes and rams at a specialist rare breed auction as we are concentrating our breeding programme on pedigree Swiss Valais and Devon & Cornwall Longwools. These crosses who were a mixture of dad Roger the Valais and mums, Suffolk, Charollais, Badger faced were very cute and had amazing fleece! x

Albert Woolley - June 2017

This is a tale of two halves!  Sadly we have sold our first born Swiss Valais ram lamb, the lovely Albert... this is very sad!  The great news is he is going to Guto and Hannah who live locally.  As Guto is our vet we will be keeping up with his progress and have been promised updates. Good luck Albert, we know they will love you as much as we did!

Romeo Woolley - April 2017

Sadly, we lost one of our twin ram lambs Romeo earlier this month.  Born in February 2017 as part of twins Romeo and Juliet, little Romeo was always a lot smaller than his sister.  We found him one morning with a broken hip joint and a broken front leg.  It's possible he was sat on by his mum so the kindest thing was to say goodbye.... he won't suffer anymore, RIP Romeo x

The 2016 Woolley Lambs

2016 was a busy year for us, we were in the middle of moving house and had to sell a lot of stock that we couldn't bring with us.  These little guys were some of the successes from our lambing but unfortunately we can't keep everyone, these have gone onto another farm with more grass and probably higher fences where they won't keep escaping, good luck boys and girls! x

Bellatrix Woolley

January 2017 - Bellatrix joined the gang in January 2017 (supposedly in kid) to try to keep Ant company after we lost Dec.  Sadly she didn't think much of the boys and was very stressed with the company.  Fortunately, South Devon College agreed to rehome Bella a few weeks later and she is now receiving 1-2-1 attention from the college students in Paignton, Devon.  Good luck little Bella!

Dec Woolley

June 2016 to January 2017 - Dec came to live with us in September 2016 with his brother Ant, 6 month old twin pygmy cross goats.  Dec was into everything but he was a great character who made us laugh a lot.  Sadly, Dec became ill and despite the best and immediate veterinary care he passed away.  As a result of knowing Dec we intend to have lots more goats in the future. Thank you Dec, RIP you won't be forgotten! x

Christmas 2016 saw our first Valais Blacknose ram lamb born to Minnie.  His name was Noel.  Sadly he didn't live more than 24 hours but his arrival and departure taught us a lot about Valais lambs and the experiences we went on to have with subsequent lambing.  RIP Noel x