Woolley Animals Alpaca Walking & Farm Park

In 2016, we relocated to North Devon with a dream. We wanted some land for animals and we wanted alpacas to protect our little flock of sheep. We found a beautiful home and developed a business using our surname 'Woolley'.... but we were still dreaming..... we wanted holiday lets, alpaca walking, goats to cuddle, miniature ponies, miniature donkeys and Swiss Valais Blacknose Sheep!  So in 2019 we moved to Winkleigh to start living the dream.  The hard physical work, financial struggle, animal losses and sad times have nearly broken us at times, but..... we've also had animal births, new life, new species, created memories for people and developed a wonderful place that we love!  

We've had lots of returning visitors and want you to love it too..... that's why in 2021 we opened the farm park for public admission so you can just come along, no need to book and for a small admission fee enjoy our beautiful animals at your leisure.  A place where you can just chill out...... we now have llama, alpacas, pigs, goats, sheep, miniature mediterranean donkeys, miniature shetland ponies, pygmy goats, small animals for cuddling usually guinea pigs and sometimes lambs...

.... for an additional fee we can offer tractor and trailer rides in the Spring and Summer season.

We can also provide, for an additional fee a 90 minute guided alpaca walking experience around pasture land, lake and woodland. We give you the opportunity to get up really close to our beautiful animals.  

Our walks are by appointment and get very busy so advisable to book in advance for this.

We've found a little piece of heaven in North Devon, its filled with our animals and we look forward to introducing you to the Woolley family.... you'll be made welcome.

Stuart Woolley & Cathy Darcey

Alpaca walking is a really chilled out, stress free experience. 

Booking is essential, please visit the booking link for availability