Alpaca Walking - Fun for all ages, not just kids!


Walking for all ages.  There is a minimum age of 10 to walk an alpaca and you must be accompanied by an adult.  Sensible children under 10 can be helped to walk an alpaca with a 'sharing' lead.  The walk itself lasts at least an hour at alpaca speed (that's not very fast!) and takes you around our own land, lake and woodland (no hills).  Then we come back, say goodbye to the alpacas and you get to feed our goats.  Then you can say hello to the other animals here on the farm at your leisure....

If you prefer not to do booking and would like the personal touch - just give us a call to discuss your requirements - (or buy a Gift Voucher - Valid for 12 months) 01769 520300

We walk all year round by appointment 

In peak season, we will run more than one experience walk throughout the day and often have other animal related events running throughout the day

Please contact us to check availability / timings and availability of animals may be subject to change

Alpaca Walking Experience

All walkers receive a safety briefing, then choose an alpaca to walk around pasture, woodland and lake. 
After the walk you get to feed the resident goats and then you can spend time watching the
other animals
***resident animals are sheep, alpacas, miniature donkeys, shetland ponies and goats ***
Photos taken of your walk 
General Farm admission included

Prices as follows

One person walking an alpaca (must be over 10)
Cost : £28.50 per alpaca
Two people sharing an alpaca (max 2 people)   

Cost : £37.00 per alpaca

* Children under 16 walking an alpaca must be accompanied by an adult walker / children under 12 mths must be carried / children must be able to walk for one mile *      

***availability of animals may vary***

Approx 90 minute duration - Advance booking is essential

We walk on our own land through grazing, woodland and along the river.  There are some great photo opportunities, (alpacas love selfies) and we provide you with food treats for the animals. Check out our facebook page to see all our walking photos. Some walks can be tailored to your group ability and you are guaranteed stunning Devon countryside views - 

Refreshments - such as tea, cake, ice cream are available to purchase after your walk in our small cafe