A male alpaca is called a 'Macho', a female is called a 'Hembra' and a baby alpaca is known as a 'Cria'   

We have loads of gorgeous Macho boys for walking.  If there's a particular boy you'd like to walk just mention when booking and we'll do our best to reserve them for you.  Here's our lovely team.....


This is the lovely black boy Dartagnan, he's the elder and daddy of the group.  He's seen it all before, been walking for most of his life and let's his underlings look after things, he is a sweet natured boy who takes it all in his stride! If you're nervous pick him, you'll be glad you did


This is lovely fawn Suri boy Dragon, don't be fooled by his name he's a lovely natured alpaca but he is huge, 100+kg of muscle that likes to walk at the back of the line.  If you love a bit of character then Dragon is the boy for you! He may even show you his kissy pout.... x


This lovely looking boy is Gonzo, he's been walking for a long time as he was a trekker previously in West Sussex.  He dresses up as a bride for weddings.  Gonzo is sweet natured and will smile for you and your camera!


This lovely grey is Barnaby.  His beautiful colours mean he is known as a tuxedo grey, black hat, white bib and grey fleece.  He retired from stud duties to come and live here.  He loves to dip his legs in water when he's not walking (clever boy), everyone loves Barnaby, you will too!


This beautiful brown boy is Prince. He's handsome, brave and regal and the only one worthy of the 'purple rein'. He has donated blood to save his friend Much Ado. He's fabulous, watch out for his party trick - choose him and you'll find out!


This is Norman. There is nothing special about him, he's just 'normal Norman', well behaved, loves carrots and a beautiful two tone white and cream colour - we love him!


Teddy Edward looks the baby of the group but he's nearly 6 years old. His name was chosen as he is the colour of Cathy's childhood bear - oh and he likes sitting on tree stumps in the woods, you'll see!


Eric is pure white with beautiful pink ears. He loves Max and they are often together.  Eric has to stop for a toilet break quite often, I think he likes to leave his scent.... it's a boy thing!


This is lovely Max, known as 'chilled out to the Max', nothing phases him, he has the fluffiest fleece, loves walking but be aware - if he doesn't want to walk he just sits down, then he gets up again when he feels like it, a real character Max is awesome!


This boy is big, one of the leaders of the pack, he's fluffy and bold - like a big Yeti, but he loves walking so if you want him don't be put off by his size - he's a good boy!


Bertie Bassett with the allsorts face.... he is sweet, has the softest fleece and the softest nature, but he loves carrots so you'll need a lot of them!


This is Timmy, he lives here with his half brother Rufus. He's a therapy alpaca that loves to visit nursing homes, hospitals, nursery schools, he's very sweet and much loved by all our guests


Just look at his hair... awesome, just like him! Jeff is a sweetheart and has been on the local news more than once!  He loves having his neck stroked and will fall asleep if you let him, don't forget his carrots though, he loves those too!


Lovely Rufus, half brother to Timmy and one of only two black boys we own.  Also a therapy alpaca, Rufus is partial to a rich tea biscuit which he steals from nursing homes! He's also a firm favourite with our guests - especially little kids who he loves...


Elvis is a lovely character. He loves carrots so much that he will search for them in your pockets if you let him, such a character and a legend!


There isn't anything not to love about Little Jimmy.  Sweet, well behaved, young and attached to his mate Neville - this little boy has become a real star and has a huge following!


Full name Nimbus Neville, this lovely little tuxedo grey colour boy is a real softie, he's a little bit cheeky and always pushing in for food but we love his great character


This beautiful creature is Quester, he's our stunning full appaloosa stud boy. With his beautiful calm nature we hope to have lots of little Q's running around in the future


These sweet little boy was born here in 2021, mum Nettie lives here too.  He has turned out to be a real favourite, not a bad word to say about him, very cuddly.


Gerry is predominantly ginger with a white neck and head. His markings are lovely and he's a really sweet boy.   


Lovely Griffin is a Suri just like Dragon.  His fleece will grow into beautiful flowing locks.  He only needs shearing every two years. Suri's can be stubborn but he is a character and very special


Xenon born 2022 is a special blue eyed white boy. Xenon is deaf. He thrives with the company of the other boys and is proving very happy here.  This little ball of fluff is very sensitive - you'll love him!

lots of lovely boys to choose from and all led by a llama, you can choose when making your booking but please don't be disappointed if your favourite is picked by someone else, they are all special.  Only well behaved boys make it into our A team.  Sometimes we may have to make a decision that a boy is not fit to walk that day, we make no apology for this as their welfare and yours is very important to us - thank you for your understanding.... 

Coming soon and in training for the 2024 season .....

Louis - born on farm in 2023 to mum Katie, he's a regal little chap, proud, upstanding and doing well in training!

Freddy Fiddlestix - a sweet little dark colour boy who is making a real impression on everyone he meets!

Maverick - little Mav is fearless and doing really well in his training, we have no doubt he will pass out with flying colours!

Buffalo - he's the oldest of our weanlings and stands tall above the rest.  He's got a lovely face and sure to be a huge hit with walkers!

Toffee - small boy, big attitude, he's a slow learner, very squeaky, but one day he might get it?