Gone but not forgotten.......  we have so many and they can't stay with us forever. Some walk away with new owners, some are tragically lost & some sadly have to be helped along, but we try our best to make sure they always go with dignity and love xx

12th June 2024 - Sadly killed on the road.  Our beloved Gennycat, gone to be reunited with brother Tomcat who died in the same way on 29th May 2023.  We will remember them both fondly : Tom for his aloofness and being a loner and Genny for affection and company on dog walks, both for their help in catching longtails..... 

RIP Tom & Genny xx

Friday 31st May 2024 - Griffin - beautiful black Suri boy that we always wanted.  He only had a tooth abcess but failed to fight the infection and he died in the veterinary hospital before having the tooth extracted.  He was just two years old, such a waste of a beautiful life, 

RIP Griffin will never be forgotten xxx

14th May 2024 Our beautiful Miniature Shetland Charlie 'Keensacre Gandalf the Grey' put to sleep today age 4 after slipping in the mud and not being able to recover from a pelvic injury.  He would never be able to walk without discomfort. The kindest thing was to let him go, a small pony with a big heart and he will not be forgotten. No more pain for this beautiful boy, Rest in Peace beautiful Charlie x

April and May 2024 - in April we lost our goat boy Stinky Pickle, docile Golden Guernsey Billy boy who leaves lots of offspring here including his son Geegee who will now take his place.  Stinky Pickle and his twin sister Lily were born in 2017 and became firm favourites here with Lily being used for milking demos.  Shortly after Pickle passed away Lily became ill and we couldn't see her suffer so we helped her go to sleep too.  We like to think they are reunited somewhere.  

Gone but not forgotten. 

RIP Pickle : 2017 to April 2024

and Lily : 2017 to May 2024  

March 2024 - This month we said hello to baby Myrtle, but sadly said goodbye to mum Mabel due to complications during birth.  Mabel was known as 'Mabel on the table', now her daughter Myrtle, who is a lot of fun, is proving she can jump up on the table, just as her mum did.  Mabel has gone to reunite to join her sister Sybil.... both gone too soon 

RIP Woolley Mabel - February 2023 to March 2024 xx

3rd December 2023 - This morning one of our alpacas, lovely Kopper gave up eating and our vet diagnosed a gastric  problem - he sadly didn't make it Freya and Josie kept him calm and held him while he passed . Not quite sure how we got through today but the team were there for each other and that means a lot RIP Kopper 05/10/15 to 03/12/23 - the beautiful soul with the big nostrils, we'll miss your chattering and your hugs, much loved and not forgotten

30th November 2023 - we had to say goodbye to our springer spaniel Lola  after a short illness.  Like most families, our dogs are part of the family Lola, full name "Tiverstone Cockle Pippin" was 12 years old, blind and deaf but much loved. she had cataracts from a young age but until recently they didn't affect her much. We never want any animal to struggle and so we took the decision to let her go. She was a big favourite, especially when taking part in our daily dog show and she is now resting in a lovely spot where she will never be forgotten. She outlived her litter but we like to think she's found them again. Fly high little Snow Queen, you will never know what a huge impact you had on our lives and you will not be forgotten.... RIP Lola xx

July 2023 - Daughter of Sophie, sister to Mabel, sadly we lost our lovely goat Sybil - a tragic 'playground' accident when she broke her leg meant she has now left us.  A beautiful girl, only 7 months old and such a joy to watch.  She was helped along, is now painfree and is no doubt causing havoc in heavens playground RIP Sybil - Jan 23 to Jul 23

Fergus Woolley - February 2009  December 2021
The legendary labrador that was Fergus Woolley was a huge part of Woolley Animals and was Stuart's best friend for a very long time.  He could mostly be found upside down in a hole, swimming in the sea or digging out a muddy puddle.  Never far from his monkey toy and protector of all puppies, kittens, newborn lambs and any other four legged creature that came through our door.  Fergus was happy until his last day, swimming in the lake and digging holes and then he left us very suddenly after a short illness.  Every now and then one comes along that never leaves, Fergus will always be here with us and never forgotten xxx

May 2020 - Mullacott Much Ado 

A little paca with a big heart.  Our promising stud boy, Mullacott Much Ado was with us for such a short time.  During his time with us he fought and won his battle against barberpole and overcame a life saving blood transfusion but sadly it weakened his immune system so that when the parasite appeared again it was all too much.  He was so brave and fought so hard, we will never forget him. RIP little macho Muchy xxx

Popham Suri Dreamcatcher - AKA Phoenix - sadly this month we experienced a terrific virus, equal to corona in our animal terms.  The deadly virus makes animals severely anaemic with terrific weight loss and lethargy.  Rarely do they survive, except those given life saving blood transfusions who appear to be able to overcome it. All our boys are vaccinated against the virus but sometimes they become immune.  Poor Phoenix was taken away by the virus when his body reacted badly to a blood transfusion that was supposed to help him. He died being cuddled by us, RIP Phoenix - you helped us rise again and we will never forget that x

April 2020 - Lightning Leo  - it is very sad to have had to say goodbye to this gentle boy Leo.  He was only 4 years old but beautiful Leo had been struggling with stomach issues and it would appear his ulcer problem flared up and despite our best efforts to manage this we found he had died peacefully in his sleep, surrounded by his friends, what a tribute. We love you Leo and you will not be forgotten. RIP Snooks Farm Lightning Leo xx

March 2020 - sadly it was time to say goodbye to Martha this month. Martha and her pal Smuttynose owned by our friends Bryn & Shirley but came to stay in the Winter months when their grazing became waterlogged.  Martha was an older zwartble cross ewe who had reached the end of her life after giving us lots of lovely lambs, but we still have her daughter Baby here - RIP lovely Martha x

February 2020 - Today we waved goodbye to Delboy and Rodney. Their mums Beau and Daisy will be so pleased to know they are going to a school in Somerset to help children learn all about goats.  We think these little boys were very special and will do a fantastic job.  Good luck Delboy and Rodney xx

January 2020 - Beautiful little Jasmine went to her new home today, Jasmine is very special to us.  We wanted to keep her, but she was so sad when Douglas goat left and we were so lucky that Joanna and family offered to take Jasmine so they could be reunited.  We got this beautiful update to show they are living happily ever after.  We'll miss both of them but they have a fantastic home, good luck Jasmine xx

January 2020 - Goodbye to three beautiful goats, Pumpkin, Rosie and Rose - they have been with us since August last year and will now be entertaining a new family in South Devon, thanks to Catherine for picking them up and taking such good care of them, these are three very beautiful cuddle monsters, great characters and we will miss them. 

December 2019 - this is the John family, they came all the way from Wales to take Beau and Iris to a new home, we just know they are going to be really happy there and thanks to Julie for keeping us updated on their progress.  all the best girls xx

August 2019 - it's a happy ending for wether boy Mickey, son of Minnie. He's off to a new home with Heidi and her family. Hopefully he'll stay a lot whiter than he looks in this picture.  She actually liked the look of a couple of other lambs and went home with three. We wish them all luck! xx

August 2019 - who could forget Douglas...... Doug was a little goat who became a large jumping goat.  Doug was rehomed but was returned because he kept escaping.  Stuart built him an enclosure to keep him safe..... then along came Jo and her family who offered him a fantastic new home where he will live out his days with a lovely girlfriend for company - they even brought him a new collar and his updates suggest he is very happy, way to go Doug! xx

August 2019 - we are very sad to have lost two of our beautiful Valais girls. Both had given us such beautiful babies over the years and lost within a few days of each other for very different reasons, we like to think they are enjoying some fresh grass over the rainbow together, RIP Brenda and Eliza xx

August 2019 - Auntie Violet - beautiful Golden Guernsey goat died very suddenly leaving her twin boys Dave and Trigger behind.  

We will care for them and love them just as you would have done. RIP Violet xx

May 2019 - Lenny Lamb 

In 2019 a lovely little lamb was born to our ewe Lena. Lena didn't have much milk so every day we would help to bottle feed Lenny.  On the day we moved house we took all the alpacas and goats and were planning to return the next day to collect the sheep including Lenny.  Sadly, overnight Lenny was taken by a fox. Lenny was very bold and wouldn't have been afraid of a predator. We were so sorry to lose Lenny, he was very special but he will not be forgotten. 

RIP Lenny Lamb March 2019 to May 2019

Lenny was friendly and bold, if you've seen his video you'll see just how friendly he was and why he wouldn't have been afraid to go against his instinct and leave his mum ....

January 2019 - Donk - in his fantastic new home with Rose and her family, he is fantastic and we know they're going to love him!  Good luck Donk, one of the biggest boys we've had....

September 2018 - Little Robert - Bob's son went off to a new home in the North.  We were sorry to see this one go as we lost Bob in May this year. Bob lives on, good luck Robert! 

In 2018 we suffered a terrible loss - 4 of our beautiful alpaca boys died or had to be put to sleep as a result of testing positive for TB.  It is likely they contracted the disease from an infected badger set on our land.  Our other animals were tested regularly until we knew they were clear - we have learnt so much from this awful disease and will also remember them, Arfar, Ferrero, Kimi,  Big Alan, We will not forget them - RIP boys xx

September 2018 - Alan - during their next stage test, Alan (aka Big Al Maestro) was also found to have TB.  He showed no outward signs and fought really hard to the end, he shouldn't have had to go - it was so tough to say goodbye to him, he was our apalloosa boy and very special. We will not forget Alan, RIP x  

September 2018 - Kimi - Beautiful Kimi, he too had TB and lost his fight for life, losing this boy was so hard because he fought so bravely in vain, we were sorry to lose him but at least he's not suffering now. RIP beautiful boy x

July 2018 - Wonky was a Valais Blacknose triplet lamb born with bow legs.  He managed for a little while and we tried hard to straighten his legs with splints but as he grew we knew it would be in vain and we had to make the decision to let him go before he experienced any pain.  

RIP Wonky, you'll always be a little star to us.  xx

Woolley Wonky 31st March 2018 to 9th July 2018

June 2018 - Ferrero - our beautiful fawn boy. His life was shorter than it should have been and he showed no symptoms at all, it was so hard to let this one go. We were determined he wasn't going to experience any pain so after a bowl of his favourite breakfast and a little walk round the woodland, the vet attended and he went peacefully in our arms on 22nd June 2018. We've learnt so much from your experience little one and we will never ever forget, RIP Ferrero (Ro Ro) xx

Mullacott Ferrero 

7th July 2014 - 22nd June 2018

May 2018 - Little Arfar was born premature, hence his name, he was only ever going to be 'half an alpaca' We knew something wasn't right with Arfar when he just didn't want to walk, so we gave him a rest.  He tried to hard to fight and despite medication to clear his cough, he struggled to breathe and it just too much for his small lungs, we may never know exactly what happened because one minute he was chewing his carrots, the next he was gone.  Arfar bought a lot of fun for the people who walked him and we loved him dearly - this one will not be forgotten 

RIP Arfar xx   Golding Arfar

24th August 2015 - 21st May 2018

May 2018 - Bob the Valais Blacknose Ram - Poor Bob was unwell.  Stuart gave him medication but he went downhill fast and died peacefully in Stuart's arms.  Bob was only a tiny lamb when we got him and he grew into a stunning boy, he has given us some beautiful babies, his kids Marley & Robert are now part of the next generation and his beautiful boys mean he will never be forgotten.  RIP Bob, a real legend xx


April 2018 - Dot the tiny kid.... Dot was due to join our goat feeding team this month.  She was very small when we got her and it was clear that something wasn't quite right.  She never really fed properly and died peacefully overnight at just ten days old. She was loved while she was here, RIP Sweet Dreams little Dot xxx

April 2018 - These two little cuties are Heidi's lambs Herbie & Buddy. They are Swiss Valais Blacknose Cross lambs. Sadly, Heidi died from complications while giving birth.  We knew they would be very special and we rehomed them to a very special place with Sue & Spencer in the Quantock Hills.  Have fun fellas ... xx

April 2018 - Heidi Houdini 

Heidi was one of our orphan babies from our days in Sussex.  She escaped any pen or fence we put her in, hence her name. When we moved to Devon she would escape across the river and encourage the others to go with her, but she always came back.  Heidi produced lovely lambs but this year needed a bit of help to deliver a set of twins. Sadly, Heidi became ill and didn't make it... we'll look after your babies for you Heidi, RIP sweet girl xx

March 2018 - Roger Woolley - today we said goodbye to Roger who went to a new home in Sussex.  He was very special as he was our first ram and produced some wonderful babies.  Unfortunately, you have to rotate the rams if you keep some of the offspring.  We have two other rams we can use and Roger will do a fine job with some new ladies in a lovely home! Good luck Rog xx

March 2018 - Our lovely boy Alfie registered name 'Adamo Ant' has gone off to a new home.  Alfie is a registered pygmy goat that we bought for his showing potential. Sadly, we haven't got time to take Alfie to shows and we thought it would be nice to let him go to a home where he has that opportunity.  He has gone to live in South Devon with Alicia and her family who have fallen in love with him and told us that Alfie has already found a new girlfriend, Be happy Alfie x

1st February 2018 - This week we will be saying goodbye to four beautiful Valais Blacknose ewe lambs who have gone to lovely new homes.  Firstly Autumn and Oreo will be off to their new home in West Wales and then their half sisters Bonnie & Juliet will also be going to Wales a few days later!  Good luck girls x

4 month old Autumn ready for her new home

Autumn & Oreo

Clyde & Bonnie

Juliet & Bonnie (4 months old)

30th January 2018 - One Tag and Hairy who have gone to live at Pitt Farm Holiday Cottages, they will be joining another pet goat, pig and alpacas and bringing joy to visiting holiday makers, good luck boys!  

January 2018 - Perry Woolley - born February 2017 and part of the early bottle feeding team.  Perry went off to a new home today to make way for this year's new recruits.  We're glad Perry was able to stay longer than his friends and keep our rams company through the Autumn.  Good luck lad, we'll miss your antics xx

New Year 2018 - How lucky were these guys, Little Pickle and his friend Mango went off to their new home over New Year.  Amanda and her family lost one of their goats and Pickle and Mango will be great company for their other goat.  We won't forget the fun we had with these two, especially Pickle who broke his leg when he was a little kid. Good luck boys !

December 2017 - Nobby (no horns) 

Nobby was part of the bottle feeding team in 2017 and was born naturally polled which means his horns didn't grow.  He has gone to live with very experienced goat owner Val Grainger and her prize winning goat herd in Cornwall.  He is going to be company for her Alpine Billy called Stinky Brian !  Bye bye little Nobby, good luck xx

Ringo Woolley - 2014 to 2017

On 1st November we lost our lovely 3 year old boy Ringo.  Ringo wasn't our cuddliest boy but he was a strong leader at the front of the group and would often take the lead with Stuart.  The night he came into the barn, cuddled us both and then laid down and went to sleep really peacefully we knew he'd had enough.  There were no signs he was ill and the vet said we couldn't have known.  Go bang your drum up there big lad, sleep tight RIP Ringo xx

August 2017 - various home reared lambs

This month we said goodbye to this year's home bred lambs.  We decided to sell the ewes and rams at a specialist rare breed auction as we are concentrating our breeding programme on pedigree Swiss Valais and Devon & Cornwall Longwools. These crosses who were a mixture of dad Roger the Valais and mums, Suffolk, Charollais, Badger faced were very cute and had amazing fleece! x

Albert Woolley - June 2017

This is a tale of two halves!  Sadly we have sold our first born Swiss Valais ram lamb, the lovely Albert... this is very sad!  The great news is he is going to Guto and Hannah who live locally.  As Guto is our vet we will be keeping up with his progress and have been promised updates. Good luck Albert, we know they will love you as much as we did!

Romeo Woolley - April 2017

Sadly, we lost one of our twin ram lambs Romeo earlier this month.  Born in February 2017 as part of twins Romeo and Juliet, little Romeo was always a lot smaller than his sister.  We found him one morning with a broken hip joint and a broken front leg.  It's possible he was sat on by his mum so the kindest thing was to say goodbye.... he won't suffer anymore, RIP Romeo x

The 2016 Woolley Lambs

2016 was a busy year for us, we were in the middle of moving house and had to sell a lot of stock that we couldn't bring with us.  These little guys were some of the successes from our lambing but unfortunately we can't keep everyone, these have gone onto another farm with more grass and probably higher fences where they won't keep escaping, good luck boys and girls! x

Bellatrix Woolley

January 2017 - Bellatrix joined the gang in January 2017 (supposedly in kid) to try to keep Ant company after we lost Dec.  Sadly she didn't think much of the boys and was very stressed with the company.  Fortunately, South Devon College agreed to rehome Bella a few weeks later and she is now receiving 1-2-1 attention from the college students in Paignton, Devon.  Good luck little Bella!

Dec Woolley

June 2016 to January 2017 - Dec came to live with us in September 2016 with his brother Ant, 6 month old twin pygmy cross goats.  Dec was into everything but he was a great character who made us laugh a lot.  Sadly, Dec became ill and despite the best and immediate veterinary care he passed away.  As a result of knowing Dec we intend to have lots more goats in the future. Thank you Dec, RIP you won't be forgotten! x

Christmas 2016 saw our first Valais Blacknose ram lamb born to Minnie.  His name was Noel.  Sadly he didn't live more than 24 hours but his arrival and departure taught us a lot about Valais lambs and the experiences we went on to have with subsequent lambing.  RIP Noel x