Here come the B team, the breeding girls - girls are known as Hembras and their babies are called 'Crias'

NINETTE aka Nettie (the one in charge)

This beautiful girl is the very special Ninette (Nettie for short). She is a typical earth Mother and won't let you get too close to her babies unless she knows you. One of her friends didn't fancy being a mum so Nettie has been bringing up two beautiful Cria, Demi and Calypso Kate, what an amazing girl she is!


Megan is the ginger timid one, she is rarely seen with her ears up but one day we'll catch a good photo of her.... in the meantime, look how pretty she is, even with ears down!


Demi Bubbles - this is a sweet alpaca.  If you look closely she looks like she has white milk froth on her chin, she is Ninette's baby and she doesn't go too far from mum, she's lovely


Katie was partly hand reared by our friends Kate & Simon Brookes at Mullacott Alpacas before being adopted by Nettie.  Katie is the Head of Security at Woolley Animals. She loves to come and sniff guests as they walk by...... but noone minds because she's adorable