Current Livestock for sale

Valais Blacknose are not like sheep they have the temperament of a pet dog, if you've never met a Valais Blacknose you'll never understand.   We take orders for our next lambs which are always very popular.  *** ONLY ONE EWE LAMB AVAILABLE FOR SALE - UPDATED JULY 2020 ***

Please note you must have a CPH number to keep livestock, even as pets

Please call us for details 01769 520300

Above - Woolley Wendy - born 28th February - she is solid and sturdy and stands beautifully, would have been a beautiful showgirl but her front knee markings are very small, hence reduced price. Ready to leave mid June. £2750
ET lamb : Sire: VBN1145  Dam: VBN0254 - has DNA certification


Above - Woolley Dotty - born 27th February - Dotty is beautiful, she loves following us around, she has all the right markings but her spots on the rear legs are slightly uneven, hence reduced price £2750. Ready to leave June.
ET lamb : Sire: VBN1145  Dam: VBN0597 - has DNA certification

SHEEP - We have Valais Blacknose purebred and ET ewe lambs for sale.  All our lambs are pedigree registered on grassroots.  Some are pure markings and others have some marks missing which will be reflected in the price. Here are a selection of the ewe lambs we have available - All genotype 3.  

Wendy - AVAILABLE £2750

Mavis  - SOLD

Dotty - SOLD

Dolly - SOLD 

Grace - SOLD 

Mabel - SOLD 

Wilma - SOLD

Valentino (Ram lamb) - SOLD

Available lambs can be viewed now (social distancing) and we can provide videos of each of the lambs on request.  We may be able to deliver but cannot export, sorry!

Above - Woolley Dolly - twin lamb born 26th March - Dolly is a purebred lamb. She doesn't have perfect markings. Part of one ear is white and her face markings are not quite joined together but she has been part bottle fed and is very cuddly, follows me everwhere. She is £2750- ready to leave end June (not sure we are ready for her leaving, a real character!)
Sire: VBN1145 Dam : VBN0254

Above - Woolley Mavis (twin) - born 27th February - Mavis is lovely, is very cuddly - almost perfect but has one rear leg marking bigger than the other, hence reduced price. Ready to leave mid June. £2750
ET lamb : Sire VBN1145 Dam: VBN0254 - has DNA certification


Above - Woolley Grace - born 29th March - Grace is a purebred lamb. She has perfect markings. Very curious sweet little character. She is £3,500 - ready to leave end June
Sire: VBN1145 Dam : VBN0597

Valais Cross wether lambs - mums are a mixture of Lleyns and Poll Dorset - £50 each

We have some available to go June 2020 and some will be available when weaned in early August - make great pets and lawnmowers!

GOATS - We sell cute goat wethers and girls who are cuddly, tame and gorgeous.  They have been used in our animal experience so they are very friendly.  They are Golden Guernsey crosses, either anglo nubian or saanen. You must have a CPH number to rehome one and we will only rehome goats in pairs unless you already have some.  


Boys: Boris, Rishi, Beavis, Butthead, Dean (sold)
Girls : Rosie, Bella & Pearl 

ALPACAS - we don't have any boys for sale at the moment but contact us if you are looking for some and we probably know someone who is selling!

Please contact us for more details 01769 520300

Goats - we regularly have very friendly goats for sale all very friendly as they had been used to being handled daily by our guests.  All our goats are only sold to genuine pet homes.